Sitemap - 2020 - REPLY ALT

Be right back.

One more month and 22 days.

This won't work the way you think it will.

At Home with Kevin Devine

Rank Your Records: Touché Amoré's Jeremy Bolm

Hey, photographers: I’m looking for photos!

At Home with Laura Stevenson

I made a zine. (Sorry.)

Oh god I made a zine.

At Home with Jonah Ray

PUP's Apocalypse Survival Guide

The best screamo releases of 2020

At Home with David Anthony

Emo Night is throwing a pandemic event

7 album covers I (very poorly) drew from memory

It’s postcard time once again.

The Breakdown Breakdown: No Justice’s last show

24 Hours in Vegas with Kyle Kinane

At "Home" with Illuminati Hotties' Sarah Tudzin

At Home with Razorcake's Todd Taylor

Let the right ones in.

A tip on breaking the dreaded writer's block

A Staten Islander’s take on this Staten Island movie

"I yield my time. Fuck you."

An interview with Jeff Rosenstock, the Dystopian Don Draper

8 Mundane Celebrity Encounters I’ve Had in Los Angeles

How would you soundtrack a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game in 2020?

Rank Your Records: Planes Mistaken For Stars' Gared O'Donnell

Capturing Covid on Film

God help me I think I love this Danzig Sings Elvis album

A Fiona Apple interview to make your skin crawl

A quick refill on that last coffee email

Keep going.

The world's most insane coffee drinker

Rank Your Records: Man Man’s Ryan Kattner

Some movie scenes I’ve been thinking about lately.

Some live albums to make you feel like you're still alive.

A Quarantined Interview with Diet Cig

I wrote a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode about Corona virus.

Five Tips on Working From Home

Rank Your Records: Deathwish Inc. Co-Founder Tre McCarthy

I, also, would like to thank the, uh, Ratboys for their music.

Writer tip: A small piece of advice on finding an agent

A terrible movie I will only watch 5 or 6 more times

At Home with Lauren Denitzio (Worriers)

Writing with a broken brain

Rank Your Records: The Mr. T Experience’s Dr. Frank Portman

What happens to your records when you're cancelled?

Cold sheets and the smell of New Jersey

Well I guess this is throwing up.

Pitchfork's Pop Punk Problem