Hey, photographers: I’m looking for photos!

My official call to rock photographers.

This post is for a fairly specific audience: Rock Photographers. Is that you or someone you know? Read on! If not, get the HELL out of here!!!!

For the last few months, I’ve been going back and forth with my publisher about cover designs for my forthcoming book. The process entails them sending me a cover design and me saying “hm I wish this were slightly different somehow” and them responding “I agree that this should be somehow different” and neither of us knows exactly what those changes should be and we make the shrug emoji at each other over Zoom for a while. But we’ve been trying to land on an ideal cover photo and what we’re looking for is very specific...

Essentially, this is a book about bands having combative relationships with their audiences. Like most music books, it will likely feature a live shot on the cover. Looking through Getty Images, all of the photos depict rockstars having a great ol’ time rocking out on huge stages. That’s not what I want. What I need is CONFLICT. (Not the English punk band, but the general idea.) I’m looking for live shots where the musician is on the ground or maybe getting flipped off or maybe smashing an instrument. Generally, something imperfect and messy. And ideally, at smaller shows where the crowd is right on top of the band.

Do you have any shots in this vein? Would you mind pointing me in the direction of any suitable photos on your portfolios/Instagrams/etc.? Also, if you want to send me a Dropbox link or anything, that works too! (Don’t send me attachments as I am literally at the final percent of my email storage.) I will pass along to the book designer and if they use it, they’ll work out the compensation directly with you.

(Also, I will try to respond to everyone but in case I get more responses than I can handle, my apologies!)




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