At Home with David Anthony


Today’s newsletter is once again a podcast. Please see previous episodes with: Sarah Tudzin [Illuminati Hotties], Chris FarrenLauren Denitzio [Worriers], Todd Taylor [Razorcake], and Jenny Owen Youngs. They’re available on Spotifies and Apples and all that. Oh and subscribe to REPLY ALT!

If you were a listener of my old podcast, No Plus Ones, you will be familiar with today’s guest, David Anthony. But did you know that David also has an entire life outside the podcast? It’s true! In addition to being my former co-host, he is the former editor of The AV Club, a current newsletter writer, and current co-host of the Alkaline Trio-themed podcast, As You Were (along with Tim Crisp of the recently relaunched Better Yet).

I attempted to make this an episode wherein listeners got to know David a little better. And for a while we did that—discussing his first childhood memory (puking in a McDonald’s) and his worst job (teenage fireworks store employee). But then wouldn’t you know it, we started ranting about the state of music journalism and weighed in on the recent chatter about the possibility of writer-owned and operated cooperative websites. Unsurprisingly, I took the pessimistic view that they sound nice in theory but are unlikely to work in the long run.

So, to everyone who has asked me to bring back No Plus Ones, this episode is for you three people. The boys are back in town!!!