At Home with Chelsea Hodson

At Home with Chelsea Hodson

A conversation about writing with the founder of the recently launched Rose Books and author of 'Tonight I'm Someone Else.'
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I really had no choice but to interview Chelsea Hodson. The author of the acclaimed essay collection Tonight I’m Someone Else announced this week that she’s launched an independent press, Rose Books, and its initial titles are—to use a technical term—extremely my shit. First, there’s Someone Who Isn’t Me by Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly, who graces the cover of my book SELLOUT, and then The Holy Day by Christopher Norris a.k.a. Steak Mtn, who designed the cover of the book I worked on with Laura Jane Grace. So, since Chelsea is so brazenly stealing my cover boys, I thought it was only right that she be held accountable for her crimes on record!

OK OK fine I didn’t really confront her about her blatant cover boy theft. (Let my lawyers handle that, I say.) Instead we talked about what readers can expect from those two books as well as a hundred other writerly topics—the unforeseen struggles of launching an indie press, the importance of workshopping with other writers, learning new skills on the fly, earning the title of “writer,” the benefits of reading reviews of your work, and what it’s like to live in Karen O’s former apartment.

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This was a really encouraging chat for me, and one that I hope will be useful to anyone who doubts themselves as a writer or those looking to improve their writing practices. Listen above or anywhere you listen to podcasts: SpotifyApple, etc.

You can, and absolutely should, pre-order Geoff’s book from Rose Books’ website so that it will arrive when it’s released in July and you’ll have your gothy drugged out beach read all lined up. (I can just about guarantee that I will interview him about it down the road as well.)

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And if you’ve never read Chris Norris’ work, I really recommend the expanded edition of Hunchback ’88, which he and I discussed in depth last year.

And of course, to plug my own shit, there’s a book with Geoff’s face on it and a shirt designed by Chris just sitting in my store ready to ship. In fact, here’s a discount code: 20% off everything when you use SELLOUTSALE at checkout, how’s that?

If you’re looking more interviews with authors, here are my chats with Jim Ruland (Corporate Rock Sucks) and Franz Nicolay (Someone Should Pay for Your Pain).


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