At Home with the Armed's Tony Wolski

At Home with the Armed's Tony Wolski

Talking about working out and Perfect Saviors with the (not so) mysterious cult member.

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The last time I interviewed today’s guest for this podcast, his name was Adam Vallely. Now it’s Tony Wolski. No, he didn’t change his name. He lied to me. He is a liar. But I invited his lying ass back because, well, his episode was the most popular episode I’d ever done and hey, give the people what they want, right?

But also, Tony and the Armed just dropped my favorite album of the year, Perfect Saviors, so I figured it was worth interviewing him again. He and I also spent a few days together in Detroit this summer, which I turned into a cover story for The Fader a.k.a. the greatest piece of music journalism ever published, in case you missed that. I also ran some behind the scenes photos I took on that trip (all stunning) here:

You’re still not satisfied. 5,000 perfect words of journalism and exclusive photos and fancy moving images are not enough for you. You demand to know MORE about the Armed and Perfect Saviors. You will not be content until this mystery is unraveled down to its bare ends. Fine, fine. Please enjoy today’s hour-long chat where Tony and I discuss touring with the rowdy Queens of the Stone Age, making divisive music, and the moral panic over A.I. art. Listen above or on SpotifyApple, etc. And check out all previous episodes here.

In all seriousness, I’ve been listening to Perfect Saviors for four months now and I feel like I’m still unpacking it. My running choice for AOTY, for sure. This band has literally reshaped my brain and my body. The Armed will be on tour in October and I promise you won’t find a better bang for your buck as far as live shows go. Plus, you’ll likely run into me there, as I plan on tailing them in a Volkswagen bus full of protein powder and grilled chicken like some kinda damned Dumbbell Deadhead.

OK enjoy! And here’s our previous episode from 2021:


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