At Home with Jenny Owen Youngs

At Home with Jenny Owen Youngs

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The last time I tried out the podcast feature on my newsletter, I visited the home of Chris Farren to record a casual chat about his new album, Born Hot. So it seemed fitting that for the second edition I visit the home of his co-conspirator Jenny Owen Youngs.

I’m guessing most of the people who have followed my music journalism “career” over the years are familiar with Jenny from her time on the Revival Tour with Chuck Ragan, Frank Turner, and Tim Barry. (Actually, funny enough, seven years ago this week I put on a show in Brooklyn that Jenny played and did a cover of “Ring of Fire” with Brian Fallon which I still think is pretty cool.) Jenny has had several interesting personal and professional endeavors in the years since which have kept her from releasing new music. But! She has a new EP out this week called Night Shift so it seemed like a good time to chat.

Over the course of this episode we talked about:

  • Why she likes Chris Farren more than me.

  • The runaway success of her Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast and the unexpected community that has grown out of it.

  • How she got hooked up with Chuck Ragan in the first place.

  • Writing songs for artists like Panic! at the Disco and Pitbull.

  • The performative benefits of beta blockers.

  • How to get creatively JACKED.

  • Red Lobster.

Listen above and then check out Night Shift. And for the love of god buy something from her merch store. Her house is teeming with merch and it would really help get boxes out of the way.

All photos are by me. Please don’t use them without permission or it will hurt my lil feelings.

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