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For the ones we lost (in their own words).

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At Home with Chris Norris (Steak Mtn.)

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The Bronx's Joby Ford on pranking their way onto Island Def Jam

Sellout Stories: Riley Breckenridge (Thrice)

Less Than Jake's Chris DeMakes on the band's Capitol Records years

The Official SELLOUT Playlist: 20 Years of Punk in 9 Hours

Sellout Stories: Norman Brannon (Texas Is the Reason)

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Sellout Stories: Chris #2 Barker (Anti-Flag)

Back when Jawbreaker's tattoos were scandalous

Murder by Death's Adam Turla on staying indie

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This is the part of the job I hate.

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At Home with Franz Nicolay (author, member of The Hold Steady)

When did you realize your generation was fucked?

Every I Think You Should Leave Season 2 Sketch, Ranked

"Murder your darlings," explained.

Rank Your Records: Rise Against's Joe Principe

New zine! New zine! New zine!

New zine! New zine! New zine!

At Home with Brendan Kelly (The Lawrence Arms, The Falcon)

Was The Green Album any good?

Please, please, please never forget Jack Terricloth.

Here it is. My favorite screenshot I’ve ever taken. 

Which artist had The Best Year Ever™?

At Home with The Armed's Adam Vallely

This is the most punk shit you can do.

Some books about rock music that I read this month

At Home with Mikey Erg

At Home with Anika Pyle

Jimmy Eat World's most popular song is also my least favorite.

I wrote a book and it's called SELLOUT.

At Home with Augusta Koch (Gladie, Cayetana)

On letting music go.

At Home with The Dirty Nil's Luke Bentham